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Voyage à travers l'impossible

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Our #rmx at contest: 08:34 PM Nov 21st"Ze śmiercią na Ty" (eng. "On first name terms with Death") is short movie with our music. #soundtrack 01:27 AM May 01stNew toy :) Rode NT1-A 02:04 PM Feb 08thTwo little pieces are available. You may like an old, melancholy #melody and weird interpretation of #TakeFive :) 05:56 PM Nov 28thWebsite is up and cover for "Blanche dort" is ready to print! 07:35 PM Nov 09thReconstructing our webpage. Work in progress :) 02:31 PM Nov 05th

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Listen to our latest release called Blanche dort, this is just demo stuff, please be patient and wait for our debut on iTunes.

"Ze śmiercią na Ty" (eng. "On first name terms with Death") is a documentary movie, to which we have created the soundtrack.


The C and The R. They are both modern cyborgs, machines designed to kill.Their creator, Dr. Whimsical, had a plan to destroy the world by stealinging people’ feelings. However, due to unexpected feedback, both cyborgs rebelled against the doctor and now they are performing their own battle in which the sense of existence is the clue. Their main purpose is to create a completely independent Wonderland, where everyone will be able to experience something special. The primary and most important way is to create music, touching melodies, hypnotic rhythms and psychoactive sounds.